Monday, October 10, 2011

Dino-FOUR Birthday Party - the Food

As I shared yesterday, today's post is about how I turned ordinary food into a dinosaur smorgasbord.  I did quite a bit of internet research for dinosaur birthday parties, and found very little.  There was a good amount of information and free downloads for a one year old party, but that was way to juvenile for my ferocious four-year-old.  I did pick and choose from various sites to assemble my food table, though.  Many of the websites are pinned on my Dinosaur Birthday Party Pinboard on Pinterest.

Let's start with the subs- the yummy, mouthwatering subs.  My father-in-law owns a restaurant here in Orlando called Gabriel's Sub Shop.  It's been around for 50+ years, and is still going strong.  We are a sub loving family, and have subs for almost every major event- including our wedding!  So there was no opposition when I proposed that we have a six foot sub for the main course at the Dino-Four party.

Bags of pretzel sticks from the Dollar Tree magically transformed into Dinosaur Bones.

Red and green grapes became Dinosaur Eggs.

To offset the large amount of meat for the carnivores, I offered a tray for the plant-eating guests.

And my favorite- Bugles turned into Dino Toenails!

Once again, I interspersed my son's large plastic dinosaur collection in between the food items.  All of the food signs were in the printable kit that I bought from SIMONEmadeit on Etsy.

For the drink table, I used the two 3 gallon beverage dispensers that I had from my daughter's party last May.  I set up the drinks outside on the patio, and labeled the lemonade as "Dino Juice" and the Sweet as "Sweetosaurus Tea".

I mentioned yesterday that the cake was from Costco, which was a great deal and tasted delicious!

For the party favors, I put a collection of Whoppers, Sugar Babies, and Milk Duds into cellophane bags and stapled one of Simone's wonderful labels to the top.  They were a huge hit!

What better way to end this post than with a sweet picture of the guest of honor- Mr. Dino-FOUR!


  1. Wow! You are so creative with birthday parties! What fun!

  2. Very cute. Love the dino toenails!

  3. My favourite ..... the Dino Droppings! My almost 4yr old would think that's hilarious! Thanks for the link back to my shop too:)

  4. Anonymous12:03 PM

    What did you label the juice's as, I am all set for our dino party tomorrow but stumped for what to put there..Other then maybe some fruit punch that says "Lava"

  5. Hi anon- I got stumped on the drinks too! I labeled the tea as sweetosaurus tea and the lemonade as Dino juice. My husband wanted me to call it Dino pee, but I said no. :). Lava is a great idea too! Please post pics of your party on my fb page or email them to me- I'd love to see!!!