Sunday, August 21, 2011

Vintage Mirror and Lace Earring Holder

Remember the plastic canvas earring holders I made last April?   Well, I have apparently expanded my earring collection since then and needed to make room. 

My mother-in-law gave me this mirror, which had been hanging in her garage for a while.  It belonged to her mom's mom, which would have been my husband's Great Grandma Annie (the same person who gave me her sewing machine). 

So, I removed the mirror and the brackets in the back.

I spray painted it the same color as my necklace holder, since I planned to hang them on the same wall.  It's Colonial Red by Rustoleum.

I had a growing collection of vintage lace- from a variety of grandmothers and estate sales, and found four of my favorite pieces. 

I glued them into the back of the mirror frame with hot glue.

When the glue dried, I turned the mirror frame over and hung it on the wall in my bedroom.  And smiled really big. 

I still used my plastic canvas earring holder for post earrings, but this design is perfect for the hook type earrings.

I may just have to go buy more earrings tomorrow, so I can fill in a few gaps! 

Jewlery is just so pretty to display on a wall.... or on a person!

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  1. Amy that is so creative and beautiful! What a neat way to re-purpose both the mirror and the lace! I have several vintage picture frames that will be getting a makeover soon...

  2. Oooo! I love the lace idea! Great job and it looks fabulous!
    Thanks for sharing!
    C.C. Bugs

  3. The is such a clever idea! I love how you used to lace. What a pretty frame too!

  4. Amanda11:37 PM

    I made one of these this past weekend. I painted it lavender and I'm loving it so much! Thanks for the great idea!

  5. I am making this for my sister for christmas! So excited!



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